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About Us


Analog Events is a marketing driven boutique production agency that gets it. And gets it done. We plan it, design it, budget it, arrange it, run it and then take it all down.


Whatever your it is.


We might live in a digital world, but when it comes to event production, it’s all about human connection. Making people connect with a space, a product, a brand, each other. And that’s what we do best. We create impactful and innovative interactions between consumers.


Analog collaborates with agencies, brands and people to produce memorable experiences that engage and influence, from elegant dinners to elaborate consumer activations. Our goal is to bring your brand to life in its most fitting way - thinking about the audience, timing, budget and goals. For us, it’s as much about creating a unique event for guests as it is to deliver against a client’s strategy and needs.


We got it

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